Results of my vacation:

I just returned home to Istanbul from a great 10 days at Patara. After a false start - (Thought I'd be smart and use a provisional cast on carefully making a separate chain for each side of the first hexagon. When I started the second hexagon, no matter how I counted the stitches or tried to wind my mind around it, my stitches from the previous hexagon would not line up with the new one. Finally I realized, at least I think so and please feel to correct me if I'm still confused, that when live stitches are picked up to begin knitting in the opposite direction, you are really knitting between the stitches.... So, I stated again using a long tail cast on and picking up stitches later, which is easier, faster, the stitches line up properly and it looks just fine to me.) I' working on hexagon number 7. The color in the pic isn't quite right, but love the pattern and watching it grow with each additional hexagon is very rewarding. Currently plan it to be five wide by 7 long. Then get to again agonize over how to treat the edges...


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Absolutely beautiful! I love how the pieces join together to form triangles....very cool. You're inspiring me to try and tackle something like this soon.

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Thanks! I like to have these little blankets around for cool evenings. Know why we call them Afghans?