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One of the many project I am working on is a Homespun Yarn (lion brand) garter stitch scarf. I am having confidence issues because while I think my stitches are gorge. and perfect, the edges seem to not be very lucid and have an organic feeling. Meaning that even though it is very uniform and tight, you can pull and push the stitches to make the scarf look like it has varying widths throughout the length of the scarf.

I may be explaining that in a strange way, but does anyone know if this is supposed to be like this? Anyone have the same issues?


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If I understand you correctly - this is part of the nature of a knit fabric; there is a lot of "give" both horizontally and vertically.

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yes yes of course, but I have never made something that had THIS MUCH! I could literally make the edges look like they are scalloped just by pulling. will blocking the scarf after I am done stop this from happening? The problem I am having is that I am planning to give it to someone, and I don't want it to look "second grader" you know?

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I agree that it is probably the nature of a knit fabric.

Something that I often do to "even" up the look of stitches on a scarf is at the end of the first row, slip the last stitch as if to purl. Then when I turn it I knit into the back of that first stitch (the one that was just previously slipped). This won't change the stretchiness of the stitch (in some cases it makes it more stretchy), but it gives a nice neat edge that is smooth rather than the bumpy one that usually happens when using garter stitch.


that is a good tip. I dislike garter stitch for this reason. i am not very good at knit stitches on the ends, which is why i started this project doing purl every stitch instead of knitting...but I am much faster at knitting than purling even though they are much sloppier.

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Some of the issue may also be the nature of the yarn. Homespun is a fairly loosely bound bouclé, so the looped portion actually moves relatively freely along the binder thread, which makes it more easily distorted. If you're after good stitch definition, a bouclé yarn is not the way to go. It's much better for achieving a slightly amorphous, nubbly-textured fabric.

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