Outdoors Knitting!!!! Yes!!!!

I am SOOOO Glad that the warm weather is finally here. I have been outdoors Knitting for the past two weekends. No pictures as of yet, seeing as the batteries were dead and didn't take the time to get new ones, but will try to get a picture of myself out on our backyard patio or camping, sometime soon. I don't know as to why I love to knit outdoors, I just do. Guess the light is better, but I do love to sit out on our back patio and knit and listen to the birds or to the waterfall in my small pond close to the patio. I even sometimes knit outdoors in the buff, shame on me for shareing my secret with you,he he. ( NOt sure as to why I thought you all needed to know that last bit, sorry if I offended anyone).
Anyway as to bring you upto date on the block of the month knitting. Surprise surprise I got behind in April and that dreaded seed stich, but I did get it done and on to Mays block.May is easier than Aprils, has a row of seed stich and straight knitting the second row. I missed the class this last Sunday, as to the fact that I was camping and still knitting last months block, but almost have it done. Had a friend pick up Junes pattern and mays also seeing as I lost the pattern and want ot keep all the months and put them together somehow.
Anyway, Happy knitting and get outside and enjoy the warm weather!!!(While it lasts)
Have missed you all!
Barry The Kilted Knitter


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you lucky thing.
its FREEEEEEEEEZING here in Melbourne Australia.

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Poor ffarff.......................Sydney's not much better........lots of rain.

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... and Adelaide's now into scarf weather...

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Yes! I love knitting outside. We have a wrap around front porch that is ideal for knitting on a warm and rainy day and a back deck over looking the garden that's great for sunny days. I love to grill on the deck and knit in between flipping and turning. If it weren't for sticky greasy sun screen I would take knitting to the pool.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Got to enjoy the outside knitting once in a while. Thanks for your kind words!

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I will bring a sock or someting small outside on the cooler days and as long as I can stay in the shade. I cannot sit in the sun like I used to. It just sucks too much energy out of me. However, floating around in my pool is quite different! Can't knit in the pool though!

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I'm headed to Wes'Ginney this weekend and the plan is to take over the porch of the local Cracker Barrel, confiscate the rocking chairs and knit up a storm.

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