Striped Hat

This is my first hat.  It's made from sport-weight alpaca on 2.5mm (US #1) needles.  The pattern (and yarn) is from Blue Sky Alpacas. 

I had a good time with this project, and started keeping a notebook of gauges and things I've learned while knitting.  Top on the list for this, my first wearable project: even if you get the gauge right and follow the pattern, that doesn't mean it's going to fit!  I'm not sure felting is an option--the green might bleed into the white.  Luckily, I can roll the bottom up (as in the pic) to get a better fit.  

Question: does one block a hat like this?

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By all means, block the hat -- it will look much sharper for the effort. And, yes, most alpaca felts. But be careful -- you may wind up donating the hat to the premies if you get carried away with the felting.

Have fun, 

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Very nice work!  I love the striping and the shade of green you used.  I haven't used alpaca yet.  And yes, I too would defintely recommend blocking.

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Putting my vote in for blocking the hat.  It looks great and you will enjoy it.  Alpaca is wonderful to knit with.

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If you knitted a gauge swatch with both colors, you can use that to test the green for colorfastness, or if you have a bit of leftover yarn in both colors you can knit up a sample to use.  Then you will know for sure before you get it wet.

If it's only a little too small, try just fulling it a bit in the sink.  That way you have a lot of control over the process.  You may find that dunking it in a sink of hot water and squishing it a few times will be all you need.  You don't have to felt it until you lose all stitch definition.  Then just roll it up in a towel and squeeze out the excess water and lay it out to dry.  Or, if you must, block it on a bowl or form or something.

But it IS a stocking cap.  It get's stretched over your head.  It gets stuffed in your pocket when you take it off.  There's a difference between finishing by steaming it or giving it a soak so the yarn blooms or relaxes and blocking to shape.  You don't really need to block a stocking cap unless you're going to display it instead of wear it.

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Jordan,  What a great hat!  Your knitted stitches are so perfect and the colours are very attractive.  How about a picture of you inside the hat?  Well done!

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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Love the hat! Colors are great.....and would love to know what the pattern looked like...I love the deceasing for the top! Well done.

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Hi Gabriel,

Thanks!  Here's a link to where I found the pattern: 

Unfortunately, you can't buy the pattern from that page--I got it from a local yarn shop.  I made the smallest one (on the right side of the picture).  The decreases slant one direction for a while (SSK), then after half of the rows, slant back the other way (K2tog).   

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Thanks to everyone for your comments.  I've tallied the votes, and added a dose of JPaul's common sense (it is a stretchy, stuff it in my pocket kind of hat), and am going to give it a light steam-type blocking.