Introduction, of sorts

I joined the site a while back and have enjoyed having a look around from time to time – thought perhaps it was time I spoke up and posted an image or two. I learned to knit 20+ years ago and have knitted off and on since then, along with weaving, spinning, dyeing, etc. For the past few months I’ve been getting more and more serious about knitting (I recently stood in line for an hour or so to buy a pile of SocksThatRock, for instance) and have become determined to knit a Fair Isle vest. I’ve collected the yarn for the vest project but have been looking at smaller projects to practice and develop a color stranding technique so I won’t be intimidated by the Fair Isle project. Here is the first pair of mittens (it’s looking like there may be several that follow….) that I just completed. Mittens are small, so progress comes quickly…and it’s great fun to watch the pattern develop. Aside from some gauge issues in the corrugated ribbing band, I’m pretty satisfied with them.


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They're beautiful - look forward to seeing more!

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Yes, truly beautiful mittens. Keep up the great work.

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Great work there. Really impressed, particularly as I've just had my first crack at stranded knitting, but went for it big-time and did a yoked seater straight away. Look forward to seeing how your vest turns out.

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Wonderful work!

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I love your mittens. Want to try some soon.

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Colourwork always impresses me as it also scares the cr*p out of me. Mittens look great!

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I'm totaly intimitaded by color work - I don't even like to do stripes. But those mittens are fantastic - great job.