Stoles, stoles , stoles, stoles, stoles......

Finally (almost) finished with the white stole which technically was my-niece-the-priest's Christmas present - sending it to her this weekend. this is based on a lace sampler Pam Allen used as part of a lace class at the Knitter's Review Retreat last November. Backed with a cotton twill. I do have a few ends to weave in and about four inches of lining left to sew. The yarn is laceweight wool from Knitpicks. Size 5 needles I think.

Today was my-nephew-the-priest's b'day - and his stole isn't done (Surprise!) but I got a picture of it anyway. (attached as file) - The yarn is knitpicks - shimmer I think, in "leprechaun'; the leaf pattern is the one that was used in 'column of leaves' scarf - but I got it from a book published in the 1800's. The center cross of the stole is done in reverse stocking stitch. Size 3 needles.

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Mmario.... Absolutely beautiful!!!

I seldom wear stoles, but one of those would change that. Incredible job!

Grace and Peace,

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ah well, you know the Episcopalians - try to out-catholic the Catholics.

Nephew will eventually have the full gamut of liturgical colours - including all the "optionals" such as unbleached linen, rose, black. . .Not sure about whether I will do the full gamut for his-wife-the-priest. Managed to get Nephew a red one for his ordination as deacon - which he also wore for his ordination as priest; and gifted him a purple stole at his priesting. So this is his third.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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That is lovely. I've been toying with knitting a stole for a friend who is a minister. Many years ago her mother crocheted a set of them for her and I'd like to help her update her collection, as it were.

Another fabulous piece of work.

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MMario I love the simplicity of it. It reminds me of bird tracks in snow - very lovely and very spiritual.