'Reversible' Lace Stole or Scarf Pattern wanted

OK guys. I have recently finished my first lace scarf. It turned out well, in a fairly simple pattern, about 6.5 inches wide and 60" long. I did it in a fingering weight 100% camel yarn. I used the Fishtail Scarf pattern from knitpicks , thanks to a suggestion from Mario, although I did it in two pieces and grafted them together so the ends would be the same.

Now I am ready to move on and up the ante a bit. I have seen several nice patterns I would like to try, but the thing I have realised is that most patterns I have seen have a definite 'right' and 'wrong' side. That is OK, but I would like to find a pattern that looks equally good from the front and the back. I find that you always see both sides when worn and so am wondering what is available that looks equally good either side. Something that does not immediately cry out 'backside' when seen. I want something elegant for a woman to wear, a bit of a challenge but not something that only the proverbial cloistered Belgium nuns could do without weeping. Does anyone have any suggestions? Oh, free would be good, but not essential. lol


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Many lace patterns have you "purl back" along the row - the so called "resting row"

Many of those patterns look equally good if done with a KNIT row back - making them a garter stitch ground; especially if you you make your fabric slightly looser (go up a needle size) and block well.

Which YOU will like means swatch, swatch, swatch.

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He said the "s" word.

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i'm doing a rib cable shawl that is reversible. the whole thing is k2p2 and every so often, you cable 12 st alternating front and back, so it's completely reversible.

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AS MMario said, some of the lace patterns with a stockinette ground look good with a garter stitch ground, which makes it reversible.

For an example of garter based lace, the book ' A Gathering of Lace' by Meg Swansen has as the first project in the book, a garter based lace shawl/stole called "A Beginners Triangle". The pattern is adjustable, meaning you can make it as small or as large as you wish.

MMario's Faux Spanish Lace pattern is reversible as well, and if you tweek it slightly, the pattern will remain linear and not grow into a triangle. (I seem to remember him putting up a chart of it (the modified version) here a while back.

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then there's the "Beginner' lace" i've reccomended before -

using a multiple of 3 plus 1:

Knit 6 row for a garter border.
then - every row is k3; *(O, k2tog, k1)repeat from * until 1 stitch remains, k1.

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