Pennies for college... an idea?

Ok, so I remember a while back that this kid asked a whole lot of people to send him a penny so that he could save up money to go to college. The idea was so novel, that it hit the local news, then on to more regional news, before it finally got a lot of exposure! He was actually able to finance his entire tuition, if I'm not mistaken!

Here's what I'm thinking... I am REALLY looking into the Fibers program at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and I was wondering if that idea was plausible! I would be going for grad school.

I had an additional thought, though -- what if, for every penny that I received, I knit a stitch? Then, with the blankets/lace stoles/shawls...etc... that I made, I could donate to charity? Or, the person who donated the most got a "nice" item, like a big Malabrigo lace thing... I dunno... just some ideas --

What do you guys think?


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I don't think you're going to get the same sympathy for grad school - but there's no harm in trying.

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I think the idea is immature, unrealistic, and self serving. You have a bachelor's degree don't you? Use it and earn your way through grad school like I did..........forget the knitting a stitch/penny......get a second job, apply for grants, if you want it badly enough you'll find a way to earn the money for tuition, etc.

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I've had a number of people ask me for a buck when they wanted to attend a class, pay tuition, etc. I've always given it. I've spent a buck in much more foolish ways -- so you could count me in. So you ask 5,000 or 10,000 people for a buck. Who hasn't given someone change when they've asked for it ... just for the asking.

Fab. Idea!! Graduate work is very spensy.

I like the idea of the charities...

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Interesting idea, but I think it works for a young kid because of the 8th wonder of the world--compound interest. Even with a few hundred dollars, the interest compounds on itself and grows exponentially, but it takes time. If you're 10, you've got at least 8 years for that. If you're planning on going in the next couple of years you'll have to ask like 2.8 million people for a penny each to cover a tuition bill of $28K for a two year program. Besides, that's a whole lot of stitches--your time would be better spent applying for grants and such, rather than rolling pennies. There are lots of specialized small scholarships--the Handweavers Guild of America has a couple of small scholarships I believe, but check for those specialized fiber organizations. You'll have to piece them together, but start investigating. I got a pretty good combination of scholarships and loans for my graduate school.

My other hint for graduate school--go year round. Summer school is a pretty good deal and helps you finish faster. Especially good for those mandatory classes. Look for teaching assistantships, it's a good job and you get to work on your projects and learn yourself while teaching. Lots of schools have work/study programs that are worthwhile.

Good luck!

I think Scottly is probably right, but yeah... no harm in trying.
Hell, count me in for a couple thousand pennies if only for the fact that I'm in Savannah and it'd be cool to have another male knitter here.

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Svannah is a great city. The school of design is really good as well. Tourism is a major part of Savannah - you would have no problem getting a job in the hospitality area in Savannah.