WIP - Bigfoot Shawl

This is the Bigfoot Shawl by Alison Jeppson Hyde from her book "Wrapped in Comfort: Knitted Lace Shawls" I am using DK weight superwash Merino in the Blue-Violet colorway from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mills, Inc. in Mt. Horub, WI... knitting it up on Size 8 Addis

385 stitches on a row is a lot of stitches! Pattern rows are taking me about an hour and the straight purl rows are running about 45 minutes! But "It shur iz purdy!!"

This will be for Andy's mother when complete.

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Great colour, and I like your Forest shawl as well.

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Beautiful yarn.

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I very much like the choice of yarn - great colours!