WIP - Forest Canopy Shawl

Since I am almost done with the Bigfoot Shawl... I casted on the "Forest Canopy Shawl" by Susan Lawrence (I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can). I am using the Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mills, Inc (Mt. Horub, WI) Bulky Weight 75% Wool-25% Mohair blend in the handpainted Forest Floor colorway on Size 10 Addis.

The pattern itself is for a rather small (50+") shawl... but I am planning on doing at least 72" so the wearer - perhaps my sister - can wrap and snuggle on a cool autumn night!

This is such an interesting pattern. You start in the middle of the top of the shawl and work outward and down as you go. And I am loving working with high quality yarn!

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jerzy pl.

'POWITANIE' for You (dla Ciebie rowniez)!!!
Can we comunicate in Polish!!! (To byloby fantastyczne!!! Mam mnostwo pytan do amerykanskiego "Mezczyzny Ktory Robi Na Drutach" - "ManWhoKnit")
Your new shawl is fantastic!
and very interesting stich! I have many books about knitting and I will try to find this stich with explenation.
could you make a photo of all view of your work!!!

Best regards (pozdrowienia z Krakowa)

Jerzy pl.

jerzy pl.

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Looks quite lovely. Can't wait to see the completed shawl. Does the pattern call for bulky weight yarn and #10's? Or did you choose those options to give you the final project you wanted?

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It calls for a much lighter weight yarn knitted up on US7 (if I recall) but I wanted to BULK it up and give her something warm and substantial.

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Great Colourway!

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It is an interesting pattern and the colorway is equally interesting. I can't wait to see the finished piece.


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That's a wonderful colorway for the shawl! Did I give you the pattern or did you pay for it?

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Of course, I paid for it! Copywrite laws!!

(Mind you, I happen to have photocopies of it laying around, though...)