Spinning Class & Alpacas!!

From the size of me... people really should KNOW that when I say I am taking a Spinning Class that it does NOT involve a bicycle, spandex or a water bottle!

I am finally following up on my initial spinning class! I am taking personalized one-on-one classes at Wool, Warp & Wheel in Richmond, IL. Today was my second attempt.

I am using the Kromski Minstrel. Compact yet large enough that I feel comfortable sitting at it.

The image shown is of my first hank of yarn...22 yards that is 2 ply. (What on Earth can I make with 22 yards??) I used their basic, non-specific, wool pencil roving to get a feel for the wheel and drafting a bit. They were very encouraging and kept saying I was doing very well. I am so new at this that I am just going to have to trust them.

THIS COMING SUNDAY... I am volunteering at a local Alpaca farm to assist with shearing! I have been over there a couple times now and just love the "Peruvian Kittens" (they seem to act like cats!). I have a wee bit of trepidation about the upcoming event as I understand Alpaca shearing was one of the episodes of "Dirtiest Jobs" However, I am being rewarded with the entire fleece from one of the 9 month old males for my efforts. This will be his first shearing. His fiber tips are his birth color, a camel-colored fawn, but the undercoat is a rich chocolate. This fleece will be what I use in my upcoming spinning classes as I learn to process the raw fibers as well. I will be sure to bring my camera to share the days events with you.

I have attached two images I took of the Suri Alpacas in the barn at Prairie Creek Alpaca Farm in Bull Valley, IL. The silly looking one that was digging in the hay is an Accoyo Suri female. The close up image of the other alpaca is of an Accoyo Suri male who was bottle fed and is extremely friendly and talkative with humans! So sweet... so soft!

Wish me luck!

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Bill -
With 22 yards you just smile, pat yourself on the back, and tell yourself what a great job you did. If I could spin something that looked that good, I'd probably just want to fondle it and treat it like a new baby - "Look how cute and little you are! But you'll grow up to be a full skein some day, don't you worry!"
Enjoy the alpacas. A friend at work and her SO are thinking about leaving the employed world and starting an alpaca farm. I'll tell her about the "Dirtiest Job", she also has a crush on the guy from that show.
Looking forward to pics of the shearing!


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Don't worry about the Dirty Jobs thing... it didn't seem that bad from what I can remember. Just typical farm stuff. Although what was especially funny/homo-erotic about that episode is they strapped one of the cameramen down to the table, who was a cute scruffy redhead, and Mike used the shears to "shear" his head. *giggle*

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WOW that is great yarn for an early attempt. Very impressed. I find spinning really relaxing, will happily sit for hours spinning the stuff up. Carding is a pain.. I have a drum carder but even that gets boring after a bit.

I Love Alpacas, that will be a fun day. Take some photos !