Not knitting related

Howdy everyone!

I can't remember the last time I wrote a post here that's not just about my FO knitting-wise or spinning-wise....

There won't be any of that for a little while...or at least until after mid June, when I would hand in my diploma (comparable to masters) thesis. Yeah, that's just me being me, leaving everything to the last minute...and then end up scrambling to make ends meet. *sighs* When will I ever learn?

Oh, and before you think that it'll all be over after I've handed in my thesis, then you're wrong. I've got five 5-hours written exams coming up in September - that is, if everything goes well with my thesis. Then if I get through the written exams, there will still be the horrendous oral exams in January. After that, I can breath again....I think. When will it ever end?

Anyway, the whole point of my writing this here is just to procrastinate a couple of minutes in my writing the thesis. Although coming to think of it, I should get in bed, since my brain has already stopped working for the thesis already at this time of the night. *ack*

Hope all you guys are well. ;-) Good vibes are much appreciated. :-p

Good night!



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I can Comiserate, I am whole time employed but taking an accountancy open university course it is eating away at my life. But, like you, I know it's worth it. Hang on in there, you have the rest of your life. We are all thinking of you and wishing you well.
Best wishes from a sunny uk xxx

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Been there done that!! I send you mountains of good vibes. I know it is nervy time and I will be thinking of you. I would wish you good luck but know from experience luck doesn't play much of a part in the process. Your hard work and determination is what is needed. Best of wishes. Vibes are starting to fly over the ocean right now.

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a friend of mine is doing her thesis and she swears most of her time has been spent procrastinating. i keep on having to convince her not to come out with me all the time and work on it. haha
good luck with it, i know its a hard slog.

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Yikes. I remember it well. Good luck, rooting for ya.


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Good luck! (I won't tell you about my personal and well-tried ways to procrastinate - at least not until February.) Lots of good vibes from my corner of the world!