Just one more Weave-It entry - updated with new pics of progress...

How about a project that feeds two addictions in one! This sweater was featured in a 1930's booklet of Weave-It patterns. I might actually give it try. The pattern just calls for 109 4x4 squares and 33 2x2 squares. Am I crazy? (rhetorical question only...)

Update: I'm working on this again. Now have 55 4x4 squares done and a small 2x2 loom now in my possesion. This will keep me busy evenings until we go back to NE in a couple of weeks. Once there, I'll access to Bill's super stash of wool yarn.

Making progress. Here are pics of what I've been up to. A few more squares to weave then I'll be able to assemble it and get on to knitting the ribbing at the waist, cuffs and neck.

Man's Sweater in progress Man's Sweater Front Panel close-up

I've woven all of the squares and have them stitched together. Not need to do some clever cutting and sewing - think I'll go to the machine for this. Then the fun parts of picking up stitches and knitting the ribbings. Even if it doesn't fit or comfortable to wear, it has been fun.

Weave-It Man's Sweater - pattern Weave-IT Man's Sweater, sleeves Weave-IT Man's Sweater, front Weave-IT Man's Sweater, back


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Wow! Of course you should go for it if you feel like it! What colour(s) would you choose? (The main thing in my opinion is that it doesn't look that comfortable - but that could be my shape...)


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Thanks. It'll be a dark solid color. Mayby a deep red or even black. Before I cut anything, I'll get out several sweaters of my own and determine a reasonable fit.

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I'd be interested how you join the squares and get an even edges... I've done a couple throws with a Weave-It, and have never gotten a join that I'm happy with...

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Yes, I agree joining the squares is a challenge. I found a booklet that makes several suggestions, so I'll try some different ones and see how they look. Until I figured out how the loops should line up, mine really looked bad. Also hoping that if I ever try this sweater, a good blocking will help draw it all together.