Scarf Exchange--four more days

No hard sell. Just editing so this stays in the more "recent areas" of our little world. If you can knit a scarf in two months, join us!

***The Long Awaited MWK Scarf Exchange***

Okay guys, here it is. The first The Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange!
(this whole post is also attached as a file for your reference)
It’s all about Summer Holidays! Every date on the schedule is a different holiday (for your fun and learning pleasure).

I blatantly copied the ideas and timing from another exchange, but I simplified things, since we’re a smaller exchange than others. There are only a few “rules”

1. If you sign up, you’re in. No invitations, no wait lists, etc. So, be certain you can knit a scarf by the deadline before you sign up.
2. Please read your spoilee’s questionnaire carefully and follow their preferences. I’ll try to match up people’s preferences, but I can’t make any guarantees. (I will not make you knit with something you’re allergic to.)
3. Please post something to MWK about once a month to keep us updated on your progress.
4. Please include a “little something extra” in your package. Yarn, candies, books, postcards, etc. Your choice.
5. Try to keep your identity secret from your spoilee until the end. Use an email address that doesn’t reveal who you are.
6. There is no minimum or maximum amount you have to spend, but the idea is that you spend what you would to make a scarf for yourself.

June 4, 2008 (Today) (Queen’s Birthday (New Zealand)) - Sign ups open. Sign up forms accepted via email at only. Please do not message me at MWK to submit your questionnaire--I’ll get confused (and nobody wants that!).

June 27, 2008 – (Independence Day (Djibouti) Sign up period closes.

July 1, 2008 (Canada Day)- Match ups go out. As you get your match up, you must contact your spoilee with your anonymous email and let them know someone is getting ready to knit them something. This is a good time to ask for clarification about what’s in their questionnaire if you need more information about fibers, style, etc.

July 4, 2008 – (Independence Day(US)) You should have your spoilee's questionnaire by now. If you don't, email me at with No Match Yet in the subject line.

July 14, 2008 – (Bastille Day(France)), You should have emailed your spoilee with your anonymous email account by now. If you haven't, do it today. If you haven't heard from the person knitting for you, let me know. Please post to MWK once you have some ideas about what you’re going to knit.

August 15, 2008 – (Independence Day (India)) At this point, you should have put a second post on MWK, and emailed your spoilee again, as well. If you haven't, do it today. If you haven't heard from the person knitting for you this month, let me know. No more telling yourself you have lots of time. Only 2 weeks to go.

August 31, 2008 – (Pashtoonian Day (Afghanistan)) You should have put a third post on MWK by now. You also should have also emailed your spoilee by now. If you haven't, do it today.

September 1, 2008 – (Labor Day (US)) Your scarf should have been mailed to your spoilee by now. Once you receive your package, please post a picture of your gift to MWK, and email your spoilee to let them know you got it (and that you LOVE it!).

September 7, 2008- (Independence Day (Brazil)) Angels will be called on to cover anyone who has not mailed their scarf yet.

Alright, if you know that you can make a scarf be the deadline, then copy the questionnaire below, paste it into an emai, fill in your answers, and send it to with Sign Me Up in the subject line. Let have some fun!

1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Mailing address:
4. Colors I like:
5. Colors I don’t like:
6. Fibers I’d like to knit with
7. Fiber I’d like to wear:
8. Fibers I don't like to knit with or wear:
9. Allergies:
10. Pets in your house (whose fur may become involved!):
11. Styles I like to knit (ex: lace, cables, wild, rustic, etc.):
12. Styles I’d like to wear:
13. Styles I don’t like:
14. Preferred Length:
15. Anything you would like your pal to know about you that they can't find out from your blog or MWK profile?
16. Would you be willing to be an angel for someone who doesn’t get their scarf? This means getting a second scarf done quickly after the deadline to cover for someone who couldn’t get finished in time.)

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You are a total rock star for doing this.


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I'm so in!

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We need to get some scarf patterns posted up here too, boys.

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*Plan, plan, plan*
Repeat from * to *


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This sounds like it could be fun!

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this is tempting; very tempting; but I have a lot of committments over the summer and I don't want to be the cause of an angel being called.

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Haven't you heard - angels love being called upon for help!


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Same here! I could commit to a Christmas exchange though!

Stuart, this really is a wonderful idea! I'm so sorry I'm not able to join though.

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I'm in!



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Count me in too.


Great idea. A good response this time?

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I am in, too! This is an awesome idea. Thanks for organizing it.