my circ needle

I just bought a circular needle to test knit with.  It is from Clover Takumi bamboo premium.  Its not the addi turbo i wanted but it was only $7.00.  vt_shua is right, just buy the Addi turbos in the sizes I use the most.  Ill take that advice.  I do have one big Question"  How in the world do you get the cable to relax, Its all coiled up.  I did try running it under hot water and it relaxed a little bit but not much.  Any way this has been an up and down day.  my artisan arrived,  my friend wants me to knit a poncho for her, thats why i bought the circ needle.  I was going to start the poncho tonight but it might take abit to relax the needle.

more later, Bear


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Hey Bear,

I run a sink of HOT water, stick the circular needle in, then gently pull the needles, 

straightening the cable, and hold it there for a moment or so, continuing to pull slightly.


Think less, enjoy it more.

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Kev's right.  Use a big pot, get it just simmering and be sure not to get the metal connector parts wet.  dip, pull, dip, pull.



Don't forget to rub a bit of lanolin into the bamboo every so often, after you get the cable relaxed. Bear, the Clover Takumi are excellent needles and this one should last you for years and years.

I love to buy new needles and try different things out, so I probably have given away a few sets worth of needles. Always looking for the perfect needle. I have several sets of the Takumi bamboo double points. They always knit well, have never broken on me, and some of my sets are fifteen years old or more. I've never given away a bamboo needle -- they are too useful and I just can't bear to part with them.

Have fun,