Scarf Patterns

Thought I would start a thread for scarf patterns that could be used for the scarf exchange as suggested by vsidart. These are some that I have in my Ravelry Favorites that I think would make good men's scarfs.

Men's Martian Scarf:

One Row Scarf:

Matthew Shepard Scarf:

Zig Zag Lace Scarf:

Manly Lace Scarf:

Close-up of Manly Lace Scarf:



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I'll chip in with links to:

Irish Hiking Scarf

Faux Spanish Stole

then there is the "beginner's lace" - which I can't find to link to, but is posted somewhere here on MWK.....

using a multiple of 3 plus 1:

Knit 6 row for a garter border.
then - every row is k3; *(O, k2tog, k1)repeat from * until 1 stitch remains, k1..
Knit until "long enough" - knit 6 rows, bind off.

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Don't forget the "My so Called Scarf" Pattern - I have made several scarfs from this pattern - its fast and easy.