Arrrr, me pretty! I've got ye now!

A while ago, I'd started the Fan Kimono from Knit Kimonos by Vicki Square. I kept running into problems with it and couldn't pinpoint just where I was going wrong. Luckily, one of the gals from my LYS (Thanks, Kathleen!) stopped by the shop I work in and saw me knitting. "What are you making me?" she teased. "I'm murdering my 5th attempt on this kimono" I replied. I then showed her my work and asked if she could offer an opinion on why it just "didn't seem quite right". She looked at it and asked to see the pattern. "Ah, you're using a lace chart" she said. "Yes, my first time" I said, beaming proudly. "Uh, how are you reading this?" she asked. "Errr, just like they taught us to read in kindergarten. Left to right." I said. "Well, there you go! You're knitting it in the wrong directions!" she said. "D'oh!" says I.

So, now that I know I should read a lace pattern from right to left on the first row and left to right on the second row, etc, etc, I'm a much happier bunny. I'm on attempt 7 now as I got cocky during attempt 6 and thought I could have a conversation with my children and watch a bit of television while I was knitting. Yeah, I can't do that as attempt 6 showed me.

btw, I'm using Misti Cotton which is a worsted weight yarn of 83% cotton and 17% silk and it's heavenly!


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Before I learned to knit last year, I looked at a pattern for a Breast Cancer Awareness washcloth I attempted to chart it on MSExcel. After I placed an "X" for knits and "." for purls the end results looked like a royal mess. The graph did not look like the final washcloth. After much thinking and talking with people I knew who knitted I came to realize I was not graphing as one would knit the pattern. How did I know at the time, I was not a knitter...

This was another reason I taught my self to knit and made the same washcloth for my mother....