Ideas on how to stiffen up a bowl?

I've got a wild project in my head, but will need to find the best way to stiffen a knitted bowl. Starch first came to my mind, but afraid that it would be water soluable and wilt in high humidty. Then I've thought about blocking it in a solution of good old Elmer's glue and water. And also have thought about first starching it when I block it and then spray the heck out of it with clear lacquer. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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Elmer's is also water soluble.

What did Debbie New use on her Coracle - a clear Acrylic, wasn't it?

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there is a spray made for cowboy hats...but I use extra stiff hairspray...the kindmade for spike hairstyles...

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Découpage solution should work perfectly, i thinks. Maybe finish with Verathane.... see what the découpage jar recommends for finishing.

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Yes, that's a great idea! Thanks.

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There is a product from "Plaid" called "Stiffy" a fabric stiffener that might work (

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I would second the "stiffy" suggestion. I use it for all my tatting - you can water it down if you'd like, dip it and wring it out, or paint it on with a paint brush and, of course, It dries clear. It's also not that pricey and doesn't come in an aerosol.

Just my $.02

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THANKS!! This sounds like a winner. I'll order some online and have my pal Eric bring it over when he comes in August.

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Thanks for the idea, but the project will require the final result to let light shine through it. I'll post pics as it begins to take shape.

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You could always knit it up and get it bronzed... :-)

I just found a price list at:

For what it's worth, it kind of scares me that they have a listed price for bronzing an athletic supporter ($299.95)....

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LOL. The thought had crossed my mind too, but now I know that it would be way out of my price range and the final result isn't exactly what I'm after.

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What about a liner of some kind? A plain glass or plastic bowl might work.