Perfect new accessory For local WWKIP Day

I went "man" shopping at Home Depot this morning to find a tool tote for those tools I can never find in a hurry. Well check this out. I bought two of them , one for my tools and one for my knitting/crochet supplies. This bag has hand grips as well as a shoulder strap and two zippered outside compartments on either side of the center compartment. The compartments are divided into neat pockets which are just the right size for storing needles and hooks. THe Center compartment is 6" wide with a a flat bottom and will hold a needle case, project notebook and current project. Since the bottom is flat it will stand up by itself.

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That is a cool bag. I have been looking for a case of some sort to house all of my knitting supplies together. I may be off to Home Depot this weekend. Thanks for the post.

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What a great idea. I like to sometimes knit on our porch and have to carry along a small container to put the ball of yarn in, so it doesn't roll around in the dirt. It would also be great fro trip. I usually have a canvas bag with no compartments. I have to search for needles and etc., this would solve the problems.

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Pretty cool and available at the big masculine boy store.

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What a great find!

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