Magic Loop

could i do a doily pattern with the magic loop steps.......... I'm thinking about doing a doily pattern so i can turn it into a afghan or throw for one of my nieces this is the pattern i want to do but i want to use size 10.5 or 11 needles. instead of me ordering some i want to use my circular needles i have already.


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Yes, you can do any circular knitting using magic loop. It's how I knit all my shawls. Just be sure you use a circular needle that's at least 30" long to start out with. Then, you'll need to jump to longer needles. I usually start with a 30" needle, then jump to a 40" needle, then jump to a 60" needle -- when the number of stitches gets too full on your circular needle. Good luck with the magic loop - in my opinion, it sure beats knitting with double points.

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I usually tend to do ML only for the first few rows. For some reason, the stitches tend to bind on the needles when I do ML. And I think that's probably due more to my poor technique than to any inherent difficulty with ML. Other folks, like Tom, seem to fly with ML.

So I ML for the first few rows, switch to dpns, then grit my teeth and pray until I have enough stitches to go to my smallest circulars.

So good luck. If you have great success I will congratulate you, envy you, and then go back to practicing ML hoping that this time I'll figure out why my stitches bind up!!!


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Yes, Magic Loop works well for the center of a circular doily or shawl. Just divide your stitches half on each side of the loops and away you go - working half a round on each side. Placing a marker to indicate the beginning of a round is a good idea, as it's easy to get confused as to which half is the first part and which is the second. When your stitches get numerous enough, drop the magic loops and continue knitting circularly.
Like Tom says, make sure your circs are 30" or longer to avoid fighting with your knitting.