FO Frosted Ferns Tablecloth

I finished this in April, but I finally got the camera, computer and knitting together today.
Using a fingering weight yarn, and larger needles turned this doily into a tablecloth.

The yarn is Hempathy
The pattern is Frosted Ferns Doily (a free Niebling)
The needles were US-6 (DPN, 32" circ, 60"circ)
Finished Diameter is 42"



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Excellent! I got stalled on my frosted ferns - after two years probably easier to frog and re-knit then figure out where I was. Your's looks great.

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Great job. How did you block it?

I hope to cast on my first Niebling after I finish my current shawl project (Summer Into Fall by Goddess Knits.) I'm on round 139 of 179 so it'll be a while yet.

How was it knitting the pattern? Will you be knitting other Niebling patterns?

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I blocked it with pins on a foam sheet I set up on my kitchen table. Hempathy is Hemp/Cotton/Copal, so it doesn't stretch as much as wool - it's only about 4" wider than when it came off the needles.

The Frosted Ferns pattern was not that hard - I marked every repeat, and counted, counted, counted. The hardest part was the left cross on the acorn caps. The 1 to 15 increases, to form the scalloped edge, were fun to do. Other than those, and a few many to 1 decreases, it's basically only k, p, yo, double yo, skp, k2tog and sk2p. I have Niebling's Lyra queued up as a future project. It was helpful for me to memorize and call [k2tog, yo twice, skp] 'the motif', as it occurs so often. Thus when I was knitting I would verbalize: k8, motif 6x, k3....etc.

My curent project is the Alita doily. I am currently only 15 rounds from the end - 130 rounds total, current round #115 has 29 stitches x24 repeats around - so hopefully this week I'll finish those rounds and get the crocheted border done (again 'supersized' on US 6 needles, using Corntastic yarn)

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That is a masterpiece, really beautiful.

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I second that. An heirloom to be sure. Just perfect!_____________________________


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Beautifully done!



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Frosted ferns looks great, you've done a teriffic job.

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Where is this free pattern located?!?!?!?

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The pattern is at:

or, follow the link in ravelry from the frosted ferns pattern.

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A wonderful work of art.