Co-worker's baby in his new hat from me.

Hey guys!

I got some major knitting karma points last Friday by knitting a hat for my co-worker's newborn. Her are a few pics (taken by the parents, obviously as none of them shows off the design or the superb decreases at the top!--kidding). It's debbie bliss rialto aran superwash merino knitted on #7s with Magic loop (my first ML project!) It came together very fast--about four hours. The colored stripes were some leftover yarn from the stash (unknown) and the pattern from the stripes is k2, k2tog, yo (4sts). I lined them up with the decreases which started from 8sts (K6, K2tog). I'm pretty proud of it. Designed as I went, on the fly!


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Looks great!
Cool hat, and cute kid!

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great picture of hat and baby!

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That is such a cute hat. Isn't it wonderful knitting useful and appreciated objects. You and baby are both lucky.