Article for Voluntary Arts Network - help required!

Hello everybody, I'm Hazel from the Voluntary Arts Network ( and I'm writing an article which covers men's relationship with the arts.

I'm trying to step away from gender boundaries here but it is, of course, very difficult (and sometimes very interesting). I'm trying to find men who don't take part in 'typical' craft forms, and thought that knitting fits the bill quite well...

I'd like to find out:
# How you first got into knitting (who/what inspired you)
# What people's reactions are when you tell them that you knit (surprised? Encouraging?)
# How you feel about perceived gender boundaries within the arts (women doing 'women' crafts and men doing 'man' crafts) - is there any way you think we could step away from those 'stereotypical' activities and encourage more diversity?

Anything you think you could add on the subject would be greatly appreciated, this appears to be a very emotive subject... I will be writing about women crossing the 'gender boundaries' of crafts too - this isn't just limited to men!

Thanks for your time - this will be a published article (I'm a freelance journalist) so don't be shy!