Watch out!

So I just want to say that Aids LifeCycle 7 was AWESUM...

and that in a few weeks I'm going to be moving to San Fran....

I could just spit! I love that city somuch I cant wait to call it home!


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I remember my first time to SanFrancisco... I called my roommate in Chicago about 2 hours after the plane landed and told him to sell everything and join me! Rational heads prevailed, however, and now SF is one of my favorite cities to visit! The art, archetecture, the restaurants, the people, the history... all of it is just so rich. And will all those hills to walk up and down and down and up... EVERYBODY HAS A GREAT LOOKING BUTT!

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Ahh...SF.... I love that city too but I get into WAY too much trouble there.

"A man may fight for many things. His country, his friends, his principles, the glistening tear on the cheek of a golden child. But personally, I'd mud-wrestle my own mother for a ton of cash, an amusing clock and a sack of French porn." Blackadder

To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring-it was peace.
~Milan Kundera

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My best friend and his partner live in SF. I love to go there and visit and would love to live there. On a practical note my partner and I will probably stay in florida until it or we shrivel
up and blow away. But thats ok because it gives me something to look forward to twice a year. If getting my pharmacy license in California was simpler, I could not be so confident that I wouldn't move there.