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OK Guys, I know this is a forum for Men Who Knit, but I've noticed we would be more accurately described as a multi-talented diverse bunch of guys that are into about everything in one way shape manner or form. Here's my dilemma and I know someone out there knows more about it than I do. My nearly 10 year old daughter wants to learn how to ride a unicycle. I don't even know where to start on this. Where does one get a unicycle? How much do they cost? What's the best method for learning how to ride one?

Any help?



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Check out this link from ExpertVillage: How to ride a unicycle.


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Check out LisaAnne's blog

she's a knitter and unicyclist. She might also have info for you

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Or send her to school in Japan. It's mandatory learning in PE class there. For serious.

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I've seen unicycles for sale in a lot of bicycle shops... Usually they're in back and not so easy to find unless you're either looking or ask.

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