The Spirit of the Arts & Crafts Movement Is Not Dead.

Did anybody else read Franklin Habit's blog at "The Panopticon" yesterday? IMHO it was pure gold.

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I agree with you, Jack. A delightful read.

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I just read Habit's recent blog and must say I'm cheering. All my life I have been in that group that gets no attention or recognition. That used to cause me untold angst but I am way over that. The world IS wrong and we live in a terrible economic and political time in this country. My partner said to me yesterday that when this country was outraged over the imposition of unfair taxes by the King of England we dumped his precious tea into Boston Harbor and started a revolution that changed the world forever. Where did that spirit and self worth go to?

Wow, thank you for turning me on to this blog. What a thoughtful and wonderful piece of writing.

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I check his blog everyday. Beautiful writing and gorgeous art and photos.