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On Saturday I went to the KIP event here in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I meet a group of ladies at Branes and Noble, and their group name is Bobbins and Needles. They are a group of ladies who are from the West Alabama Fiber Guild. Ok, back to my story. I learn how to drop spin yarn.... I made a drop spindle from a CD, hook srew, dowel and gantit. So, I started learning how to spin wool....About 10-15 minutes later I ask the ladies is there another way I can make a drop spindle. So one of the ladies told me that her husband made her one out of a wood toy wheel ,a dowel and screw hook. so today i went to Michaels and gotten a dowel 1/4" x 36" and 3 wooden wheels and a pk screw hook for only $4.20. So now I'll have 3 wooden drop spindles and a drop spindle made from a CD.


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Sounds like you may be getting hooked. I've never spun, but find hand-spun wool very beautiful. Look forward to seeing your knitted results.

This got me looking on line for similar instructions. Check out this link if you like for how to make a similar version to what you are suggesting.

You guyz may get me into spinning yet.

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just go to Michael's Arts and Craft store and get a toy wooden wheel for 0.79, a dowel for 0.49 and a pk of hook screws for 0.99. the dowel i got was 1/4" x 36" and it made 3 spindles. Chaplainkw that is the same material i from Michael's yesterday.

Alabama? Get out -- I'm from Huntsville! I went to school in Jacksonville -- Small world!

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yes it is a very small world

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You can make a spindle out of anything you have. Many have used a knitting needle stuck through a potato. I've made a Turkish style spindle with some pencils and rubber bands.

You can find one on-line for a pattern you cut out of stiff card stock, and a dowel. It works quite well.

One time, on my way out to do a demonstration of spindling to some Girl Guides, I needed one more different spindle. Outside my door was a lilac shrub, that had many straight branches. I choose one that had the side branch at the correct position, and broke it off (didn't have anything to cut it with) and made myself a shaft with a hook at one end. And it worked just fine, ragged ends and all.

I've used a wire coat hanger. Cut it so that you have a straight piece with a 'shepherd's hook' at one end. You can get two good spindles out of one hanger. Just roll it along your leg. And when you are done, use the spindle as a needle and knit the yarn you just spun!

All you need it is a little creativity... and you can spin anything anywhere. And it doesn't have to cost a lot either. [have I convinced you to try spinning yet?? :-) ]

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u have convince me to make some more spindles