Taking the plunge

Ok, so I've been knitting for about 5 years now, and I'm ready to start spending $$$ on some great yarns. I really love the "noro striped scarf" that seems to have been around for a couple of years, and of course, those colors are no longer available for the most part. So,

Question 1: Anyone have recommendations on newer colors to work the same pattern?
Questions 2: What's the best website for ordering good yarns? I've looked at so many of them, and I can't decide which one I lean towards... Good, bad comments?


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I know what you mean, I have been looking for some great acolors myself...but instead I have been knitting alot of the classic patterns but usung diffrent weight yarns...like right nowim knitting a cheveron scarf with VERY bulky yarns...and I think im liking it lol

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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I agree, good yarn/colors are not easy to find, especially in Turkey, the land of acrylic... At least you can easily shop online and have goodies shipped to you. Not so easy here. Seems like anything bigger than an envelope ends up at the postal customs office where you run into red tape and fees. Am I bitching? Don't mean to. What I'm missing in the yarn department is more than made up for with amazing deals on fabric. I quilt too...

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Some of my favorite yarns to use are Noro. Though some colorways may be discontinued, they are constantly coming out with very nice new colors, and fibers. My favorite is Silk Garden, and now, Silk Garden Lite. I'm fortunate to have a great LYS where I go frequently, and they keep a wonderful selection of Noro in stock. Another group of fibers I like is Mirasol, which is also a free trade line from Peru. My LYS has been selected amongst a relatively small number of shops in the US to carry Mirasol. I recently knitted a very nice cap with Mirasol baby llama. Good luck in finding some great fibers out there.


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Have you tried Koigu yet? It is addictive. We jokingly call it crack cocaine for knitters. Even my calicos are crazy for trying to get their mischievious paws on it. I have knitted scarves, shawls, hats, baby blankets with it. Have not gone the sweater route with it yet. But have enough skeins of it in a green colorway to make a sweater, some day.

You can go to various yarn store websites - such as Rosie's Yarn Cellar or Loop in Philadelphia, where I live or check out your lys. It is the kind of yarn that you need to see in person and check the colors in the light to see what you really want. I have a huge stash of it and make myself knit 2 projects a year with it to permit myself to purchase more when new shipments arrive at the store.

I also like Claudia Handpaint sport weight yarn - just that her colorways shipment to shipment can vary dramatically. And Mountain Colors has great colors - I have used their Bearfoot for socks; Moutnain Goat for scarves.

Hope this helps some. I take no responsiblity for Koigu addiction if you end up sitting in the chair next to me. The more the merrier.