My name is Bryan and I am 42 years old. I am a native of Montgomery, Alabama. I have crocheted and knit for the past 20 years and recently took a rest after a stroke in November of 2007. I am well and back again. This time I decided that I am going to make friends, laugh, enjoy, and have a great time. I am just getting things set up now, but I am eager to meet folks.


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Welcome, glad that you are doing well! Have a dear friend that had a stroke last year, she is 85 now, and has not been as lucky as you. She was a great machine knitter and has forgotten more than most of us will ever know LOL. Again, welcome and hope that you find this a great place to be!

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I am glad to hear that u are doing better now..... I live in Moundville Alabama about 2 hours away from u...

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Welcome! Good to hear you are 'BACK" after a stroke.

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Hi Bryan, welcome. Hope you get lots out of this site - users are really helpful and great for giving new ideas and providing really helpful advice. Best of wishes for getting back into the craft.

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Welcome Bryan! So glad to hear you are recovering well from your stroke. Nasty stuff those are!

Watch out for that MMario guy! He's a bad influence! In no time at all he'll have you thinking of nothing but lace!

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Welcome aboard....you'll enjoy the ride! Best wishes for a continued recovery and improvement!

Sure... NOW I find out about all you Bama folks after I move to NC --

I'm from Huntsville! Welcome! These guys are awesome -- so helpful and fantastic!

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You're going to have a blast here, especially if you know lots of quotes from Mame.


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Welcome. Always good to meet new members and good to hear about your recovery. AMBush is right about MMario, dont think I've slept properly for the past few weeks thinking about yarn overs and the like.

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Welcome and I am glad that you are feeling better. You know the secret. We have to take charge of every day. For me and for most of the others here, I am sure, knitting helps with the focus. Take care.

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Hi Bryan,

Welcome! So glad you found the site - it's really wonderful. Please feel free to keep us all reminded that it's all about making friends, laughing, enjoying, and making friends!

Jonathan in DC

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Think less, enjoy it more.

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Welcome to the group, so glad to hear you are doing ok. Looking forward to hearing more from you.



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Hello Bryan and welcome! I hope you continue to progress well in your recovery and enjoy the wonderful fellowship and support that is here at MenWhoKnit. We're glad you're here!
John in NYC

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Glad to hear you are "BACK" from a stroke!! And welcome to Men Who Knit. Looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you better, and seeing some of your work. I too agree with Ambush, watch out for MMario, I am now working on a pair of lace wristers (my own pattern).
Anyway...stay healthy and laughter is the best medicine!
Barry-the Kilted Knitter

Thanks a lot. Take care. It is so nice to be here and to get back into the hobby. I really am grateful.

Banjo Lee Jones

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Glad you are here. Welcome to this group of fantastic guys!!

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Welcome, Bryan. Glad to hear that you are coming along after the stroke. Knitting will give you plenty of creative juice. MWK is a terrific site.

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Welcome! I wish you the very best on your road of recovery. Thank you for sharing yourself with the group.


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Welcome, Welcome, as you see the welcome wagon here is very good...Hope you enjoy yourself here and feel comfortable with some of us who are just nuts, and then the rest of the guys who are great knitters and great inspirations :)

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welcome to the group. as i get older, i appreciate good health more and more. glad you are recovering and are able to enjoy knitting.