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What kind of projects do you tend to take away on vacation with you?
For new members the discussion of flying with needles has been discussed before, you can see those discussions in the archive.
Knit away, knit away

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Always more projects than I will complete.  Heavens that I should get stranded without knitting.  Socks are a necessity for travel knitting.  I have a small bag that I can put them in plus the needed tape measure, row counter etc.  There is often a scarf or hat project along for the ride.  If I am starting a sweater I might bring that portion along, but not very often.

Yep,  I always take socks to knit although I did look kinda odd in the Algarve knitting in 40* heat .  Mind you,  I felt less of a prat than my brother in law who took his bike.  At least I didn't waste my luggage allowance on a vehicle!

Got that straight! I couldn't possibly get stranded without my knitting bag. What would I do for however long if I didn't have my knitting?

 Socks are good for starting discussion as well as knitting and seem to be my knitting mainstay.

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Socks on circs (or the soon to be attempted "magic loop") are my fav travel projects.  They take up next to no space.  I recently went on a cruise where I sat on the top deck, drinking whatever too sweet drink of the day was offered and working on socks for the hubby.  NERVANA!!!

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I take socks if the trip is international and I need to conserve luggage space.  Otherwise, it's whatever I'm working on at the time with enough wool so I don't run out.  It is impossible for me to travel anywhere without my knitting!

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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Gosh, I just wish we could actually go somewhere on a vacation.  It's tough to do when you've got a pack of dogs that need tending to while you're gone, and I'm not a big fan of kenneling.  It's been almost a decade since we've taken a trip somewhere together.  When we do take time off from work, it's usually spent at home lounging by the pool (summer), and I spend all my time on my Christmas vacation cooking, finishing shopping, etc. 

I'm very jealous of you guys!