instruction to make a spinning wheel

hi guys i would like to know is there anyone out there with instruction or plans to make a spinning wheel.... is so may i have a copy of your plans


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I'm not sure what type of wheel you are thinking of making, but I remember coming across instructions for making a charkha out of a cigar box, of all things (very cool)... here's the URL: -

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One thing to note about the Charkha though... It spins VERY fast... It's really intended to spin cotton and you'll have to do some fussing to get it to spin wool well - at least that's what I'm told.

I made one from the same pattern and never really did get it to work well -- but then, I'm a spinner (yet.... someday....) If you're good at spinning, maybe they're easier. There's a YahooGroups list on Charkhas - they're very friendly and helpful if you're really interested.

Grace and Peace,

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thank you mountainrunner i'll look into it ..... i just look at it and i like it very much

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Charkhas are a little different than a wheel. Yes, they do spin very fast, which is necessary for cotton and other short fibres (cashmere, quivuit, milkweed, angora, etc). You CAN do wool with it, with some skill, but it's designed for cotton mainly.

The thing to know about charkhas are that you only use one hand -- the other is turning the wheel. So you must have well-prepared rolags (punis) and some skill in the long-draw. It can be very frustrating at first, but once you get it, you will be so amazed and make it look so easy! It's beautiful to watch do this well. It's really a simple and effortless method, but does require the proper fibres and correct preparation of them -- as it always does with anything. If you have to struggle with the fibres, you are not going to have any fun!

If you can use a charkha comfortably, you will be able to use the Great Wheel, and the Penquin. They all work on the same principle. Have fun with this! Spinning is such a great wonderful fun experience!! (got you hooked yet??)

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tall i'm already hook darlin i have made my drop spindles and spun up all the wool i had here