Christmas Knitting (what am I thinking???)

Here's the beginning of a scarf I'm knitting to give to my mom for Christmas.

It's Schaefer Yarn's Undulating Waves pattern. I am being very vanilla in that I'm using the recommended Susan yarn, and I have to say I really like knitting with it and recommend it for anyone interested in giving knitting with beads a try. This isn't my first lace project, but it is my first experience knitting with beads. It's not terribly difficult, but it is kind of fussy at first.

Now that I've got the hang of it, I am making good progress and anticpate being finished sometime next week. I also purchase another color of Susan and different beads to knit another for a fall birthday gift for my neighbor (pics to come once it's completed).


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just beautiful and i would like to know where did u get the pattern from

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Thanks. I purchased the pattern at the LYS where I bought the yarn, but I believe you can go to and purchase it as well. They have some great patterns on their website.

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The wise knitter starts Christmas knitting early. It looks great.

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That looks incredible.

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Wayne, "suggested yarn" or not... that is a beautiful colorway! Really warm and luxurious looking.

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It is beautiful. I love the pattern and the beads.

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A novel idea to start Christmas knitting before Dec 1st! (Wish I was that organized)

Love the pattern and the colourway.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial seperation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Beautiful! I love the colorway and the beads.



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This looks wonderful. I've never wanted to knit with beads but I think that just changed.

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Very beautiful! I saw this pattern before (sans beads), and I have to say you've really added a stunning detail. Nicely knitted.


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BEAUTIFUL! But please tell me that you don't have to go to the end of the yarn skein and thread each bead each time you come to one? I've GOT to know how you are accomplishing the bead work.
Great work, beautiful colors.


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I'm stringing about 200 beads at a time to prevent having a tremendously long strand of beads. The beads come already stringed in quantities of about 100, so getting them on the yarn isn't that bad, nor is having to shuttle them along the working yarn occasionally.

Whenever there is a YO in the pattern, there are beads to be knit, so I am keeping three or so close by on the working yarn making fairly fast work of it. I am not one to make more than one of an item if it's too cumbersome: I already have another colorway and beads purchased for a second, which is really saying something for a process knitter.

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Just saw this, Wow love the pattern, is it difficult? Haven't been able to find the pattern for download but seen a kit on JimmyBeans wool store site. Looks incredible. How about a photo update?