Principles of Knitting

Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced copy of "The Principles of Knitting" by JuNe Hiatt? This book is currently out-of-print and the OOP book dealers are asking exhoritant prices per copy.


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Sorry, I haven't had any luck with this title either. I keep dreaming that I will find a box of Alice Starmore books with this book thrown in for good measure at a yard sale for $5. Well, you know what they say "wish in one hand...". Nonetheless, I heard a rumor that there was talk of republishing this title (if only $tarmore would follow suit). There is a blog entry listed below which mentions an expected Autumn 2009 re-release. Keep your fingers crossed.


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I also hit the used book store down the street from my office every week or two hoping for such a find.