The intermediate project

So at last writing I was starting a project that let me explore something a little more complicated than simple knitting and purling. I was choosing between a sweater and a sampler scarf. I started working on the sampler scarf first because the yarn I wanted to use for the sweater was not in stock at my LYS (I finally figured out what that means).

Anyway, the scarf is going fine. I have learned to do a left twist, make bobbles, create open spaces by knitting multiple stitches into one, cable, and read what is a fairly complicated pattern for me. Honestly I didn't know how the scarf was going to look with all of the different patterns but they flow well into each other. Once I buy a knew digital camera (I was way too nice when I gave my brother mine to take on a trip to Prague; he returned, my camera did not.) I will put up some pics of what I have.

Question for you more advanced knitters: what is a turn? The part of the pattern I am working on asks me to turn and then continue knitting. I have a few books but none of them tell me what to do for this "turn?" What am I turning? The needle? The work? The stitch? HELP! I have no choice but to stop until I figure that one out.

Can some knitting super hero come to the rescue?


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"Turn" would just be turn the work

"wrap and Turn" usually invilves bringing the yarn forward, slipping a stitch, and bringing the yarn back; then turning the work.


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