Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting

I'm my brilliantness I have decided to knit a pull over...Not just any pull over, but one knit out of Tofuties sock yarn on size fours....

This is going nto take awhile...*sighs and picks back up his knitting*


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Yes, it does take a long time, but you are not engaged in knitting just to make something quickly! If that was the case, it would be a lot faster to go to WM and just buy one there. Or you can use yarn as thick as your thumb with equally huge needles and you can get a sweater done in one evening!

You are going to have a lot of pleasure from this project because there are so many stitches for you to work! Think of it in that way.

We all have to work anything one stitch at a time. No one counts how many more there are to do, or how many your have already done, for that matter. You take joy in just focusing on that one stitch. That is why knitting is so meditative!

But you may also feel that you are not making progress in this sweater. That is why you also will have smaller projects in the works at the same time, something that will give you instant gratification. Work on those now & then, when needed, and then go back to this sweater. There isn't any deadline -- it will get done one day, if you keep working at it -- just one stitch at a time.

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In knitting classes I have timed people knitting with 6mm needles and with 2.25 mm needles and the difference in output is not as huge as one would suspect. No matter how big our hands are they have small muscles and they can manipulate small needles much easier than big needles. I find, too, that people have a greater admiration for a sweater knitted with Shetland jumper weight as opposed to one knit from super chunky wool. The stitches are more defined, the fit is better, and it is a generally more attractive garment.

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Go for it. One of the joys of knitting is the creative process of the project as it jumps alive and before you know it - each component is completed and soon put together and soon you are wearing it.

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I agree with Ron on this one. Because it's easier to manipulate the smaller needles, you can actually knit faster (although it still will take longer in the final analysis). Because it's easier, I actually prefer knitting on the smaller needles. And because of the lighter weight of the finished garment, you'll find that you wear it that much more.