Is there an alternative?

Firstly can I say what a fantastic site uniting knitters worldwide.  Does anyone know of an alternative yarn to use instead of Rowan Big Wool?  My reason for asking is because I'm a relatively new knitter and am expecting to make many mistakes on my first jumper and the thought of spending £120 ($200 ish) on a first attempt is too frightening!


Wait for the sales.  I got some fantastic Rowan Aran Tweed in Liberty's sale for a baggy jumper and it only cost £65 - still alot but miles cheaper than buying a top quality ready made.  Ebay is also pretty good but I suggest doing a bit of a reckky in a shop first just to get the feel of the wools.  I also buy a lot of wool on-line.  Laughing Hens are very good.  Apart from that I keep an eye out in my mothers local wool shop.  Make a mate of them and you'll soon get some bargins and you can usually take back what you don't use.

Try  This is a great reference site.  Look up a yarn and it will show you color cards, tell you gauge, let you know if it is still produced, care instructions, etc.  Plus you can look up by yarn weight, fiber content, etc.  Not all yarns are here and I can't say how often they update the site but it's a good starting point.

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Thanks for the tips - I'll keeps my eyes open for any bargains.  The problem I face is that patience is a virtue - I really must try and be more virtuous!!!

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When I first started, because I was going to be constantly knitting and ripping, I used Lionbrand Thick and Quick. I still use it as a practice swatch when I am using a new stitch technique before starting a new project. It's not the nicest yarn but it is only about $5.00USD or £3.00.


Especially when you're first starting, don't get stuck in the mindset that acryllic is a dirty word. It can come out quite nice and it's usually much cheaper than wool.


I still use it (though I try to use cotton more than anything) because I don't knit at all with animal fibres.