Lacis publishes Niebling Lace patterns

as an FYI for lace addicts: has republished Herbert Niebling's Lyra pattern for $7 (it was selling on e-bay for hundreds), and has other patterns available from this 'Master of Lace' including Kunststricken 361 - about 30 designs attributed to him. The Frosted Ferns pattern I recently completed is also a Niebling, sometimes called Oakey-Dokey.

This info has been on the boards at ravelry for a bit now, but I thought it would be good to cross post it here.

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Looked at their site. Way too much of a pain to navigate and find items for sale. A pet peeve of mine. Unless I'm missing something that obviously isn't obvious. Where do I find the Niebling patterns on the site?

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Yeah, their site isn't organized for ease of use

from their homepage:
(1) go to online catalog
(2) go to All Products
(3) go to Books - needlework techniques
(4) then go to Knitting - Lace

then scroll down - most of them are in the German Text section, and the Ichida Japanese translations of Nieblings are in the Japanese text section.

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Thanks for the tip for finding Niebling on Lacis. One can never have too many Niebling patterns.
I bought the Lyra and also the Kuntsstricken folio. I bought some beautiful tencel at WEBS in massachussetts that will make a wonderful lace table-top. I cannot wait to get started.
Thanks again for sharing!