Kamping, Knitting, Katharsis

I did not know about the MWK Easton Mountain Retreat until it was too late to attend. I have 3 weeks of vacation blocked out from August 21 to Sept 11 with no plans. The partner and I originally had plans with friends to do lots-o-stuff but "drama" struck with a vengeance. Luckily for me, my partner is retired and my job is just a job and allows me to do what I want to do not to restrict or enslave me. (This blog is cathartic for me so bear with me.)

We as a couple have decided to split this vacation time up into 3 sessions. The first week I can create my own adventure. The second week we will probably be spending Labor Day in Philly 'knitting and darning" bruised friendships and the last week he and I will recover from the 2 earlier weeks. For my adventure week I would love to do "no drama" low cost camping and knitting. No TV , no obligations, no telephones. Here me clearly "primitive" camping would ruin any project I decide to bring. A roof over my head, hot water showers and cooking facilities would be just perfect. Ah, yes, and a post office so I can send off my scarf for the exchange if not sent already.

I live in Florida and it is still quite warm here in September so I am willing to travel although the Sawmill Resort in Dade City Florida does have cabins with A/C. I am seeking 2-3 other like minded men to share this adventure with me. If anyone is interested in sharing my adventure please send me a message.


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Wow...a Florida Men's Knitting Retreat...sound like fun...unfortunately, I will be enslaved at my job for that period of time.