Shout out to Stuart!

So the Great Scarf Exchange info went out today... In case it hasn't been said, thanks to Stuart for taking on what's gotta be a monsterous project! I'm sure it will be well enjoyed by all involved. I know I'm looking forward to going shopping!


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I agree with vsidart; well put. This will be fun interchange between members here at MWK. Thanks, Stuart!


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I also agree, I'm excited to get started.



Ditto to Stuart. I got an email from my scarf knitter already and am wondering which one of you guys out there is making me a scarf. Now the task of deciding WHAT to knit for my scarf. I've never knitted anything for someone I didn't know extremely well. This will be fun!

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I hope you all have a lot of fun with this. The timing was reallyl really bad for me to sign up - maybe the next one?

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Already planning a fall/winter exchange, MMario, never fear. :-)

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Thanks guys, it's my pleasure and I'm excited to see all the connecting going on! Looking forward to seeing your work too.