Ichida Lace 2

A lace table runner design attributed to Herbert Niebling, but re-published by a man name Ichida.

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That is truly unbelievable. Great design and fantastic knitting. How long did it end up taking you? What type of yarn? How much yarn? Where did you find the pattern? When I see something this beautiful it inspires me to keep improving my skills!


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Using a fine, red coned yarn that is listed as 20/2 weight and US1 needles, this took me two months to knit.

I'm not sure how much yarn it took, but if weighing the resulting lace would help, I'd be glad to check.

The pattern is from a book of Herbert Niebling lace patterns re-published by a Japanese man named Naoko Ichida. The books (there are two Ichida books) can be found on Lacis publication web site at:


But you'll probably have to do a text find on "ichida" to find the book on their crappy web site.

And thanks for the nice words...it was quite an enjoyable knit.

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Thanks for the link, Joe. I bookmarked it. Books to dream about ...

WOW, WOW, WOW. I'm speechless - it is just gorgeous.

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I just stumbled across the photo of your table scarf....absolutely beautiful! I have a very simple lace pattern on the needles now so I can truely appreciate the work that went into this scarf! I seem to rip out as much as I knit (have started over six times now)! Thanks for the motivation to keep going!

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Palle really impressed nice work