knitting needles + yarn = gauge questions

1. red heart soft yarn = 17sts x 23rows on sz8 needles
2. vanna's choice =16sts x 22 rows on sz9 needles

Q: how much different (and/or noticeable) will the gauge be when striping this color horizontally in the round **using the size 8 needles for both colors**??

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well the second yarn is qouted on a size larger, so you'd probably get 16 and a fraction and 22 and a fraction rather then the qouted numbers.

Or your gauge could be totally different. I'd say they are going to be pretty close though.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Depending on the size of your stripes, it may have no significance at all. If you're only going to knit one or two rounds before changing to the other color, I wouldn't worry about the difference.

Another tip is to take the two different yarns and fold one end over on itself and then interlock the other end through the loop made by folding over the other yarn. Close your eyes and run your fingers along the join. If you don't feel a "noticable" different in the thicknesses of the yarn, then they should knit close to the same gauge on whatever needles you decide to use.

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Are those gauges from your swatches, or from the yarn label?

If they are from the label, I would test swatch both for an actual gauge on your 8s to see where your gauge comes out. Label gauges can be misleading. If they are from swatches you have knitted, the others here have given you some good suggestions already.

Hope that helps