dog sweaters

does anyone have any dog sweater patterns?   Im not really finding much on the net. just basic stuff.  I need a good seller.


Just my opinion, but if you are planning on selling these, you'd do best to either use a basic pattern and modify it, or design your own pattern.  That way you'd be sure of avoiding any copyright infringement issues.  You can get away with using someone else's pattern to clothe your own and your friends' dogs if you aren't charging for it, but once you start making money on it you might open yourself up to some legal issues.

Also, keep in mind that different breeds can take completely different shapes of sweaters, pugs and bulldogs need different styles than greyhounds and dachshunds. 

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"so hard to get straight up anwsers around here,  never mind"

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Please retract my previous statement.  I suffer from sever depression and they changed my medications this week and im not adjusting to them very well, knitting is my only escape.  Again im sorry.    yes you are right about copy of design.  but finding a decent pattern for a dog sweater to modify is hard to do.  all dog sweaters are basicly the same. coller , body,  two small sleeves.  the one i make looks nothing like the pattern i started with from all the modifications but still nothing is distinct to put mine out ahead of someone elses.  Just needing ideas and better patterns to start with.

Hey Bear.  Hope you're doing ok with all of the med changing.  I got a book called "Dogs In Knits" by Judith L. Swartz.  I haven't made anything from it yet, but I really like the patterns.  I think I might try my hand at intarsia with one of these patterns.  I don't think it was very expensive and the pictures of the dogs are great!


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I checked at amazon and they have 3 dog sweater books including the one luke mentioned.  I think that may be my best bet.  not looking to copy a design just looking for features of several to come up with nice sweater..  I bet a scandinavian type sweater would look great on a dog.  I have 3 poodles i knit for , 1 is my moms. abby a toy poodle and my 2 and miniature and a tea cup.  so i have good models for the poodle line.

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A good point was made about different breeds needing different shapes.  I was never happy with the way most of the off the rack sweaters and coats fit my Italian Greyhounds.  Though I haven't knitted anything for them yet (other than collars), I have sewn some great stuff that fits them perfectly just by altering some of the common sewing patterns to accommodate for their deep chests and tiny tummies.  I'm a little too new to the knitting craft to be that intuitive to just wing it on something like that, but I'm sure I'll get there.

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I use to sell dog clothing for small dogs and xsmall dogs.  I bought the sweaters whole sale, about .30 cents each and sold them for $4.95 each, I made good money.  Even my poodles wore them.  BUT....The sweaters were actually teddy bear sweaters and they realy didnt fit the dogs that well, arms come out the sides causing the material to bunch up under the arms, my babies got raw under their arms.  So i started thinking about all the sweaters ive sold and what they may be doing to the other dogs.  So i learned how to knit and make real dog sweaters and that is were i am today, just not happy with the design i have.  The fit is great but are they pleasing to the consumer to purchase?  I dont think so..thats why im looking for better ideas.