Did I really buy a yarn called "Bunny Print?!"

This is what I decided on for my scarf recipient. Hard choice! I haven't decided on a pattern yet, but I think it needs to be really simple to show off the subtle colors of the yarn. Hmm...
But what fun!


Bill's picture

that's great looking stuff!
...what's the brand???
...or is bunny print the brand not colour...LOL

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I love the color! I think it will make a beautiful scarf, lucky recipient.



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That's a great colour!

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The colors and texture of the fiber is great. I'm sure the recipient will love it. I agree about the pattern . . keep it simple!


The color looks great and you will have fun. Enjoy the knitting.

Banjo Lee Jones

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Oh yes you did! "Bunny Print" it is! Beautiful colorway and will knit up fabulously. The yarn name reminds me of the time I bought "Fairy Dust" at Orchard Supply Hardware. (It was a paint color.)!