Hi. I am going to repost this. It seems to have been lost somehow.
Thought I'd share my current work in progress. It is an Alice Starmore design from her American Portraits. A bit's worked by knitting into the back of a stich(kbs), purl, kbs,p,kbs,p...and the wrong side is the opposite...purl into the back of stitch (pbs) , knit, pbs, k....Time consuming but a great result.


That is truly a beautiful design. I know that you must be proud of it.

Banjo Lee Jones

This is a really interesting pattern and texture, even if it is slow going. Look forward to watching the progress of this one. How's Henry VIII by the way?

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Henry's good. He's got one sleeve done. I've never put aside a project like I did Henry (with the exception of Martin Storey's Kirby which was filled with bobbles...they nearly drove me insane!) Henry's pattern involves 5 charts and it requires a lot of concentration/following along of charts. I found I needed a break from him. I think about him every day, though, so I believe I'll be picking him up again shortly. I also started and finished Jade Starmore's Lavoisier in the meantime, as well as sewing together/finishing Irish Beach, another Alice Starmore design. I'll have to photograph those sweaters. They are both truly beautiful patterns.
Thank you!


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Very interesting effect.

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Alice Starmore sweaters are just so interesting! I loved all of your choices.