Baby Garter Stitch Bath Wrap

Very simple Garter stitch Bath Wrap, I will have the pattern later as I came up with the idea of a one pice Baby Bath wrap. It has an I-cord edge and it has only two ends to weave. Done in one piece on straight needles.

Yarn Lion Brand 1 lb Cone , You may get 2 wraps out of this cone plus a wash cloth or two depending on how tight or loose is your knitting. The total yarn use was 206 grams out of 454 grams on 10.5 US or 6.5 mm. This is my first Complex Pattern please let me know how it worked for you guys and gals!

here is the Pattern for those of you that want to have a go at it

Garter Stitch Baby Wrap Pattern is Free!


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What a great pattern; It'd be a great baby shower gift!

Grace and peace,

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that is a beautiful pattern

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Wow - that's beautiful. I really like the yarn colours! Thanks for sharing this and pointing us to the pattern. I'll add it to my pattern stash!

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I really like that.....can't wait to try the pattern. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!