My type of knitting...

Okay, this just in....apparently I am a CONTINENTAL knitter. The b/f decided to have me try another method rather than the apparent standard. This works for me as he says "I don't get as pissy and my face doesn't contort as much when I am trying to get my stitches done".

He also says that I'm much faster at it, which is funny because I've heard a lot of people state that "If you think standard knitting is difficult, wait until you try continental knitting!"

Apparently, this method works for me, granted I have to learn how to purl while using this method...anyone have any ideas?

PS - I have also gotten my 2nd tattoo (1st from an actual tattoo artist). If anyone wants to see, I'll post it later. :) And TY to the b/f for being there and dealing with my short nails going into his fingers and almost ripping them off on a few occasions. LOL


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:) Awesome, tat pics...

I'm a continental, was much easier for me than throwing and purling is super simple to me (I'm one of the few that I have met that actually likes k1,p1 rib.

So...good luck, catch you later!

and maybe your bf needs to teach mine to knit, he won't listen to me.....

Being an English lad I guess you can call me an "English" knitter.
I'm trying to teach myself the continental way and am nearly there, although the stitches seem very loose. I guess with a bit more practice I'll become more accustomed. I'll tackle the purl stitch soon, looks easy when I watch people, but my brain just doesn't seem to like it.
And I second ksmarguy, your bf an teach mine as well maybe, he wont listen to me either.

Can’t wait to see the tat pics. Ill tell you what, Ill show you mine if you show me yours!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Lear both that way when you are doing color stranding is easier!

Here's a link to a youtube video for a continental demo. Well shot and easy to understand. Only about 10 minutes long. Shows both knit and purl. I'm a visual learner and this video really helped!

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I'm a lefty and originally a crocheter - my knitting life began when I taught myself continental. I'm much,much faster and more even as well.


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In order to purl ..........,
I think it would be helpful to see how you are doing the knit stitch first to determine how you should think about purling. From personal experience, saying that you are a Continental knitter may not be descriptive enough as to how you are doing the knit stitch. I've been told that Continental usually just refers to holding the yarn in your left hand, not how you orient the stitches on the needle. So to know how to purl, you'd have to determine if you are knitting by the Western or Eastern method. The video that dtwknitter linked to, I'm fairly certain, is a Western Continental knitter. Was the video showing how you knit? How are your loops oriented on the needle (after a knitted row, just before you start a purl row)?