Size 13 ?!!?

OK, so I've decided to make a friend of mine some socks or felted slippers. Trouble is he wears a size 13 shoe. Holy Moly! How much yarn am I going to need for this project? I'm more accustomed to making my own socks for my own size 8 1/2 feet. Any tips or suggestions from you guys who are more accustomed to clothing bigger feet?


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I also wear a size 13 shoe. Needless to say, I have only knit one pair of socks. I used a superwash worsted weight wool on US size 4 needles. I believe it was Lamb's Pride Superwash worsted, 200 yards per ball, and one ball per sock! I literally had just a few yards left over from each ball. To make matters worse, this yarn is VERY itchy, and I don't even enjoy wearing them. I am planning another pair. Toe up this time, and I found a nice soft worsted sock yarn at Patternworks. (something called Raggi from Jarbo Garn) Good luck!

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Hey guys with big feet need love and socks too! If you're going with felted slippers I highly recommend the Fiber Trends felted clogs. You knit them up all bog and floppy stitched and felt them down to size.

Actually I wear a size 13 and knit my socks on US2 with fingering sock weight yarn. Takes a bit over 100 grams to make a pair.

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I'd also recommend the Fiber Trends Felt Clogs (AC-33). I just pulled out the pattern to look up the requirements for you. For men's size 13 it calls for 720 yards (worsted weight held double throughout) per pair. If you want to make the contrasting cuffs you'll need about 70 more yards of the contrasting color.

YarnGuy716 is right... the nice thing about doing the clogs is that you can felt them to a size that's close and then felt them some more, if necessary, to make them fit well.

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