Finished Object (the next of many)

I finished a raglan sweater this morning before going in to work. After inheriting what seems like sixteen steamer trunks of yarn from my mother's estate, my mind has been swimming with ideas on how to knit it all up. My trusty Bond sweater machine came out from under the bed to help me knit this guy up in only three days! I found an enormous skein of jet black acrylic that I swear was as big as my thigh (I'm 6'2", 210 lbs. ... big guy!). It became the front and back. I teamed it with some Red Heart called "Tangerine", but I swear it is safety orange. I could repair streets wearing this sweater. And again, the raglan style makes my shoulders look HUGE! I'll post a picture of this sweater once I get the digital camera I ordered.