Well, it has just been a hell of a long time since I have posted anything on here. I have still been working on stuff, still working on the Andoa sweater and just have to pick up the last sleeve. My problem is that I find other things to do and put my big project down to work on the other. So, here are a couple of pics of some FOs...

What's next? well, finishing the sweater, I also started the sampler afghan from Cables untangled, only a little bit into the first panel, but I love it.


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ok, can't seem to figure out the pic stuff another post on the way. This one was my first attempt at a felted pattern, I just winged it, hence the pleats :)

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i like the pleats

we put birds on things

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imho the pleats give the bowl an added dimension, and character. It looks wonderful, and the colouration of the yarn works quite well with the design.