Snowflake Sweater Finished!

Started in December, 2007, finished in June, 2008 - I'm really pretty proud of this one... it actually FITS Gregg which is awesome... the pattern is a leaflet that I got from Bishops before she closed - the pattern is by Patons so it might be hard to find (but I have it if anyone wants it bad and can't find it)

The sweater wasn't hard really - fair isle is just about following directions... which I'm getting better at...
I have the sweater on my mannequin dress form... I ordered from a place in NY that makes mens and womens dress forms - similar to what Abercrombie uses - it looks old, but is new and I love it very much. I want to change the knob at the top of the neck to something different (maybe a wood knob) and the arm cover plate thingys need to be something a little more interesting, but I am quickly realizing that they're covered 99% of the time, so it doesn't really matter...

Anyway, just thought I'd share...


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Nice job. I like the colors.

Absolutely wonderful color/pattern. Great job. Isn't it especially rewarding when it fits the wearer as well????
Thanks for sharing,

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I am so jealous, that is just gorgeous....awesome job!

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Such a beautiful sweater - you must be proud of yourself. Well worth the time and effort.

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beautiful job. maybe i'll try that next in the queue

we put birds on things

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That is absolutely beautiful, I love the colors. What a masterpiece.



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I love that sweater. Great job.